Why should you do SuperSpeed Golf Training?

Why should you do SuperSpeed Golf Training?

Superspeed Golf Training has arrived at markamey golf – my name is Mark Amey and today I we will be going through why superspeed training will have a massive positive affect on your game. What equipment is used to achieve this and what the benefits are?


1 – GC Quad – to give us a starting point of the current club head speed and to monitor the improvement
2 – Is the SuperSpeed sticks – Green 20% lighter – Blue 10% lighter through to Red 5% heavier than a standard driver
3 – Swing Speed Radar – which will measure the speed of the sticks during the training so there is a number to try and improve every time which just gives you that extra motivation to swing faster

– Increases club head speed on average by 5%
– Most people mentally quit before the swing is finished
– It takes away any unwanted swing thoughts
– A fitness routine which has structure and is a benefit to your game
– Improves sequencing in the golf swing with the various different drills
– Reduces risk of injury

Overall this is a very well thought out training program, which can benefit all standards and age groups –please visit our website for further details and add some speed to your game.

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