Upper Arm Self-Massage: Do It While You View It

Upper Arm Self-Massage: Do It While You View It

Massage away muscle pain and soreness from your biceps and triceps while watching. Learn massage techniques that will help your upper arms feel better fast. The massage is based on my book “Self-Massage for Athletes”

Welcome to Feel Better Fast, the YouTube Channel dedicated to helping humans get healthier and fitter faster. My name is Rich Poley. I wrote the book ‘Self-Massage for Athletes,” which pretty much made me the world’s leading authority on the subject. This YouTube Channel is based on the book.

If you’re curious about a time-tested yet revolutionary way to get healthier and fitter faster this channel is worth exploring. It delivers an ancient healthcare therapy via video. At its heart, is the power of human touch.

Self-massage is a healthcare technique as old as DNA. Its power to turbo charge health has been known for millennia. Along with food, sleep, and movement, human touch is one of the four pillars of real healthcare. All four have served our species since the beginning of human evolution, in fact, they predate us. These four primal ingredients of a healthful life are baked into our genes.

Self-massage was marginalized as healthcare in the 20th Century. It was trivialized by the medical business model that characterized any healthcare that medicine doesn’t profit from as ineffective or dangerous. For hundreds of thousands of years, though, massage has been handed down, almost instinctively, from generation to generation along with food, exercise, and sleep. Not surprisingly, massage survived, because it works a form of magic on the human body.

Feel Better Fast weds this ancient healthcare technology to video in the age of social media. This union reinvigorates, retouches, and reteaches basic massage strokes.

I’ve gathered some of the most effective and popular massage videos ever made for you to experiment with.

*Massages to treat and help heal (almost) every part of your body
*Recovery massages: to help your muscles rehab and grow stronger after exercise
*Pre-workout massages: to warm you up before a workout
*Tennis Ball massages: that double as workouts
*Massage tools: to help your hands make the rest of you feel better fast
*Training videos to help get you in the mood to move

Unless you’ve written a book on massage you probably don’t know all the benefits you can get from a daily dose. Let me fill you in.

For Your Body:
Massage relieves pain. Children know their parents’ touch can make their pain disappear. Touch is nature’s analgesic. Athletes know massage reduces muscle pain and soreness after working out. It accomplishes this feat by releasing endorphin cocktails, a complex series of natural chemicals that your body produces to relieve pain.

For Your Mind:
Massage improves mood. It reduces cortisol, better known as the stress hormone. Daily massage shrinks stress and anxiety. It works as an anti-depressant with none of the harmful side effects of pharmaceuticals. As an extra benefit, massage delivers an enhanced relaxation response. So if you have trouble sleeping massage can help.

For Your Health:
Daily massage improves health. Studies show touch strengthens the immune system, making you less likely to get sick. And if you don’t get sick you’re less likely to need medical attention. That fact alone will improve your health.

For Your Spirit:
Massage is good for the soul. Touch focuses your attention on your body, and if done with intention it boosts your ability to concentrate. Enhanced concentration is the basis of meditation. And meditation is good for your spirit.

For Your Budget:
Massage will improve your health and fitness in less time and for far less money than you spend now. Massage may be the healthiest, least expensive luxury you can’t afford to miss out on.