This video explores the criticisms surrounding Trump’s frequent golfing as well as a more general look at presidential exercise. #TrumpGolfExplained

So first off let me ask more generally about what’s the difference between the president golfing or sitting? In the Oval Office the president makes phone calls and holds meetings. On the golf course the president makes phone calls and holds meetings… with the occasional swing of a stick. You could actually argue the casual open-air environment is far more conducive to deal-making… “Golf is the sport of business,” Trump told Fortune in 2015. “I’ve made deals on a golf course that I would have never, ever made over a lunch. I’ve actually told the people at Wharton, ‘You should give a course in golf.’ And many people credit Trump’s golf outings to making political inroads in Washington D.C… “I don’t like what he says about John McCain,” Graham said. “But when we play golf, it’s fun. And I think he’s seen my ability to help him, that I can actually help put deals together.” Golfing is not new to presidents either. President Woodrow Wilson golfed once every three days. And President Dwight D. Eisenhower logged 800 rounds.

And why is it that golfing gets a bad rep, but not other forms of presidential exercise…Maybe because golfing takes longer? But that’s an absurd criticism… not just because the total hours of Trump’s exercise will equate to less than former presidents… but because, love him or hate him, Trump is constantly working. He doesn’t sleep, which I think is part of his problem. It’s hard to focus when you’re constantly sleep deprived. Exercise and sleep are vital to humans. Presidents included.

Now with that said, Trump is being hypocritical…
He criticized Obama for golfing and yet at this point in his presidency Trump has golfed more. He’s also been accused by numerous people for cheating in the game, which is just another example of Trump’s moral flexibility. (Donald Trump Golfing Explained) A former Sports Illustrated managing editor who played with him said he once justified cheating by saying, “the guys I play with cheat all the time.” This is the sort of devil-may-care attitude of a non-politician politician that Trump supporters like about Trump. Generally speaking, Trump supporters know he’s a car Donald Trump Golf Explained salesman. People don’t like car salespeople in theory, but in practice when they drive off the lot in a brand new car 5-times their budget they feel like they got a good deal from a good guy… that is until they get home and their wife finds out how much they spent!? Trump supporters thought Trump could get cars off the lot, i.e. legislative bills. They believe, as I do, that Trump genuinely wants to make America Great Again and put America First.
His supporters could therefore look past some of the political sausage-making, back-peddling, side-stepping, and tweet attacks because (Donald Trump Golf Explained) Trump has always been upfront about his Machiavellian pragmatism in the pursuit of American greatness, and by extension, Trump greatness. I, however, am not a fan of Trump’s game. Tweet IN ALL CAPS and carry a big stick.

Thanks for watching! I know this video probably won’t be very popular because I didn’t pander to one side or the other. People on the left often want to hear how Trump is a racist and people on the right want to hear how the left is stupid, but the world isn’t black and white, red or blue, putting or driving. It’s this sort of anger that gets Congress stuck in the sand.