Towing a Large 5th Wheel RV | Full Time RV Truck and Towing! | Changing Lanes!

Towing a Large 5th Wheel RV | Full Time RV Truck and Towing! | Changing Lanes!

When we moved into our RV almost a year ago, it was our first time EVER staying in an RV.  The next morning was my (chad) first time ever towing a 5th wheel.  A VERY large 44 foot 5th Wheel at that!   With a 22 foot truck!  That’s over 60 feet of rig!  The most I had ever towed was a 10 ft motorcycle trailer behind an SUV so, needless to say, it was a bit intimidating.  This thing is also 13.5 feet high, and 8.5 feet wide.  Not too much smaller than some commercial tractor trailers!  It took some getting used to, and we made a few mistakes along the way, but we wanted to share what we’ve learned and demonstrate some of the most common maneuvers as well as how we prepare for each leg of our travels.

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⏱Time Codes:
01:22 – Weights
12:10 – Axle Drag
12:46 – Hitch and Pin Box
17:14 – Safety Gear
19:05 – Truck Specs and Features
25:00 – Truck Add-Ons
29:17 – Trip Planning
35:51 – Turn / Clearance Check
39:05 – Angle Back In
40:10 – Right Hand Turn
41:06 – Daisy Prairie Dog
41:14 – Pull Through
41:41 – 90 Degree Back In
43:41 – Camera Crew Extras
43:56 – Summary

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➡ RV Trip Wizard:
➡ CoPilot GPS:
➡ USA Rest Stops App:

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✅ TST 507 Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) :
✅ Vantrue N2 Pro Dual Dash Cam:
✅ Vantrue GPS Receiver Car Suction Cup Mount:
✅ Furrion Digital Wireless Observation System (without mount):
✅ VIAIR Automatic Portable Compressor Kit (450P-RV):
✅ Red LED Emergency Roadside Flares:
✅ Foldable Safety Triangle Triple Warning Kit:
✅ 250 Piece First Aid Kit:
✅ Car Hammer Seatbelt Cutter Window Breaker:
✅ Zip 6′ breakaway cable and Pin:
✅ Midland Two-Way Radio 36 Mile Range Walkie Talkie:
✅ Midland Portable Emergency Weather Radio:

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