There Is No Faster Way To Slash Your Handicap Than Improving Your Short Game

There Is No Faster Way To Slash Your Handicap Than Improving Your Short Game

There Is No Faster Way To Slash Your Handicap Than Improving Your Short Game And This Program Will Show You How To Do It.

You MUST get better at short game skills if you’re going to make the most of your rounds and enjoy decades of low-handicap golf.

This is going to transform the way you think about how you’re going to score lower, how you approach every shot within a hundred yards and how much more fun you’re going to be able to have on the golf course. How are they going to do that, Andy? Because Andy is the man. He’s worked with some of the best golfers in the world and some of the worst, but not always for that long. No, because actually, absolutely. We’re basically going to introduce your audience to, the simplicity of short game, which is quarter, half swing, three quarter and a full swing.

What’s it take you up to a hundred yards with every shot? You know, the idea is that you can get in short game shots closer to the hole. You’ll knock the ball close into the flag more readily.

If you wanna start chipping it within gimme distances, if you want to start pitching it within a flagstick, no matter what your handicap because they might not be able to hit it 300 yards. As you said earlier, everyone can get good from a hundred yards.

And then for the recreational golfer gets the play only at weekends with a few simple drills and a little bit of focused practice and we’re not talking hours and hours. We can see some massive improvements and people slash their handicaps just by working on their short game. Even when they have done nothing to improve the long game, although the long game improves.

Often times we’ll sacrifice the short game side of things to learn something new in our long game or to improve the slice or whatever it might be.

And it may well be vice versa.

But to really get better golf scores we have to sacrifice taking a few swing lessons. But the beauty about short game coaching and learning is that you improve your swing every single time you take a pitch or a chip or three quarter shot, whatever it might be, you w you will improve your full swing. So, you know, it’s an area that will improve every area of your game as well. Yeah. So we’re gonna cover chipping, pitching, rescue shots, the principles and the, you know, the, the fundamentals for each one. We’re going to cover the most common mistakes that you see that are very easy to fix though for every, you know, part of that game. And you’re going to get some fantastic drills that Andy has devised and put together to show you that you don’t need tons of time. You don’t need to be the best golfer in the world. It doesn’t need to be your job to get really good around the Greens and from a hundred yards in. So. So let’s get to it and we can’t wait to see you on the other side


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