The CLUB ONLY Lesson Challenge: External Focus: Be Better Golf

The CLUB ONLY Lesson Challenge: External Focus: Be Better Golf

In this video I challenge Tony Luczak, PGA and PHD Student / Researcher (Mississippi State) to give me a golf lesson using only EXTERNAL focus (club/ ball flight). Based on research it is the most powerful way to improve your swing. There is a time and place to work on body movements but the majority of your deliberate practice should be external focus. Another fantastic way to have external focus practice THAT WORKS is to use obstacles in your practice (cones, noodles, etc…)

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“Over the past 15 years, research on focus of attention has consistently demonstrated that an external focus (i.e., on the movement effect) enhances motor performance and learning relative to an internal focus (i.e., on body movements)” (Wulf, 2013)

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Building Your REACTIONARY Golf swing

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