Posture Powered Golf Swing | Keys to Consistency

Posture Powered Golf Swing | Keys to Consistency


Losing posture during your golf swing refers to deviating even slightly from the form taken during setup and address.

As one could imagine, maintaining good posture throughout the duration of our swing has a crucial influence over the quality and consistency of our shots.

The loss of our intended swing posture will throw off several aspects of our game, including tempo, balance and the pacing of our swing.

Most times when players swing while in a flawed posture, the resulting shot will be missed, typically hooking to the trail side of the player.

Any serious player will need to correct their posture before reaching their full potential in the sport, as losing posture during our golf swing will drive inconsistencies and frustrations during play.

George Gankas golf lessons teach the importance of maintaining precise posture during golf swings, a teaching that exists in the foundation of the popular GG Swing Method.

Comprised of Geoge Gankas golf lessons and tips, the GG Swing Method has been credited with correct the game of golfers from around the entire world.

Much of the loss in posture that golfers experience can be attributed to bad advice given by misinformed colleagues or an ineffective golf instructor.

Many golfers are heavily advised to keep eye contact with the golf ball for the entire duration of each swing, which contributes to limitations in spinal flexibility for the player, effectively diminishing their ability to properly rotate their body.

Most golfers will notice limitations in flexibility due to diminished swing posture start to pop up during their downswing transition.

Typically taking shape in their spine, players will experience diminished posture, as they struggle to maintain form as they transition into their downswing.

Often relying too heavily on their trail side for support, players compromise the natural rotation in their hip, which causes their upper body to extend upright and backwards through to impact.

In order to correct their flawed golf swing posture, golfers must focus on restraining their hips while keeping their chest down towards the ball, which will correct the diminished form found in the downswing of many misinformed amateurs and novice golfers.

More often than not, players will find that establishing consistency in their posture during the downswing transition continues to be a challenge, but constant practice will help our muscles to force the movement more naturally after time.

When done properly, there are essential visual clues to identify in a golf swing that has the posture needed to deliver consistent accuracy in play.

During the downswing transition, a golf swing with proper posture will show the lower body of the golfer poised behind the ball, creating enough space for arm and hand movements in the process.

Typically poor posture will limit this mobility in any golf swing, with the player often unable to effectively transition into the impact position without hitting low or high on the golf ball, resulting in a missed shot.

One of the clearest indicators of good golf swing posture finds the player standing tall, with a shoulder width of space between each cleat.

Balancing their body weight on the balls of their feet, players should then turn their toes slightly outward in this stance.

Players should then extend their hips forward only slightly, with their back still maintaining straight posture.

With a bit of flexion in the knees and your glutes reinforcing your stability, players may have the sensation of sitting in an invisible chair.

The more straight a player can get their posture, the better – as bending too far often causes players to hit up on the ball, effectively throwing their entire swing out of alignment with the posture they’re trying to achieve.


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