Low Expectations Equal Low Scores – How to Shoot 75 With Antiques

Low Expectations Equal Low Scores – How to Shoot 75 With Antiques

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I played Bangpakong Riverside Country Club with my 1980’s clubs and balls but this time I added the Mizuno Pro blades from 1985. Great clubs but really different looking.


The interesting part of this round is that I lost almost all my shots in the first 7 holes. This is important because as I always let the first third of the round determine my mood and ultimately my score.

We must always remember that we have plenty of holes left to play well on and hit shots that we know we can hit. By expecting less of ourselves, though, we can really lower stress and play Ultimate Stress Free Golf.

When you break a scoring barrier, often the next round is a disaster . This is purely because of expectation. Expectation creates a desired outcome which relies on a result to fulfill the emptiness.

Letting go of the outcome, will bring you that outcome. By expecting nothing and just trying to get the ball from A to B, and into that hole in as few shots as possible, as best you can…that’s enlightenment.

The best part is looking back on the round and realizing you didn’t think once about the score or the first seven holes being +4 and the remaining 11, 1 under par. This amazed me. Try it yourself where you expect nothing except having a playing focus where you have an aim to do something well in the round, but it can’t be score related.