Lie Angle Of Your Golf Clubs | Iron v Wedge | Should They Be Different?

Lie Angle Of Your Golf Clubs | Iron v Wedge | Should They Be Different?

In this video golf tip, Australian PGA Golf Professional, Brian Fitzgerald “The Golf Doctor” discusses iron v wedge lie angle. Should they be different. Most iron shots require a little more power and the wedge shots require a little more finesse. So our irons and sand wedge swings are slightly different. This video shows you the difference.

I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor.
And today I am going to discuss with you. Why your wedges should be at a different lie angle to your irons.
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So why should your wedges be a different lie angle to your irons.
For years. When you get club fitted. Golf pros and club fitters fit you up and they say you are 2 degrees upright or 2 degrees flat or standard lie and that is the case for all of your clubs. That’s actually wrong.
The most lofted wedge and maybe the second most lofted wedge should be a different lie angle to your irons. And it varies.
Somewhere between 2 and 4 degrees. So your standard lob wedge or sand wedge should be 2 degrees, up to 4 degrees flatter than what your irons are.
And I am going to show you why.

Okay. I have got my sand wedge on the left and I have got my 7 iron on the right.

And I have drawn a line through the shaft. In my address position. So it’s very difficult to see what’s going on.

But there it is at normal speed. And it’s pretty difficult to see what’s happening there.

So I will slow it down. And put it in slow motion. And you will see there is not that much difference in that point of the swing. But as the club comes down. Just at impact you can really see the one on the right. The shaft is at a different angle to the one on the left.

So we will do it again.

Then we will do it nice and slow. And we will stop it just at impact. And you can see there the shaft on the right is clearly above that green line. Where as the sand wedge on the left you can see is quite close to that line. So when you want power. The hands rise a little bit through impact hence the one on the right.

When we are trying to hit the ball up high and get the ball stopping and landing softly. Our hands stay low through the shot.

So that’s what’s going on there. That’s why there is about 4 degrees difference between the 2 lie angles.

So hopefully now you can see why you should have your irons at a lie angle different to your wedges.

It’s 2 to 4 degrees difference. And if you haven’t had that checked out. I can recommend whole heartedly. That you go and see a club fitter or PGA Golf Pro and get it checked out.

What do you use?

Do want to ask any questions or tell me what you use. Just put them in the comments section down below.

I would love to hear what you have to think.

Thank you for letting me help you with your golf.

I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor.

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