Learn To Use Your Brain To Improve Your Golf Swing

Learn To Use Your Brain To Improve Your Golf Swing

Preparation involves two basic tasks that are essential if you want to enjoy your golf. One of which is practicing effectively so that you’re preparing yourself for playing on the golf course. This involves hitting to different targets while not overloading your brain with swing mechanics (or golf swing tips).

The second necessary for being prepared on the golf course is your ability to block out all distractions … which in turn lowers your anxiety. Because the more your anxiety rises … the less you’ll be able to allow the skills you developed (in your practice time) to shine through the muscle and brain tension that anxiety creates in your golf swing.

For example – when a Golfer’s on the 7th hole tee box knowing that they have a chance to shoot their lowest 9 hole score ever if they play well these next 3 holes… does Anxiety usually get lower, stay the same, or does it rise? For most Golfers … their level of Anxiety is represented by the Double Bogey they made on #7 that “ruined my round!”

And that disappointing Double Bogey often raises the Golfer’s anxiety even higher on the next tee box!

Your Anxiety and your scores are a team – when one rises … so does the other. Yet, the good news is that the opposite is also true. When you learn how to lower your Anxiousness … you can more consistently swing the golf club to the level you know you’re capable of!

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