Kankura Golf Shoes Review

Kankura Golf Shoes Review

Kankura Review: Are These the Best Golf Shoes?

Golf is a game of focus. Whether you’re on the putting green, trying to escape a bunker, or teeing up, you want a clear head. That’s why it’s so important to find the best golf shoes for your feet.

Foot pain is distracting. So are blisters, sweat, and pinched toes. The wrong shoes can make a round of golf almost miserable, and they can even hurt your scores. I’m always on the lookout for the next great pair of golf shoes, so I took note when my fellow professionals kept going on about Kankura Golf.

After hearing so much about Kankura’s collection, I finally had a chance to meet with the company a couple months ago. They recently sent me a couple pairs so I could take a look at their work. I received the Men’s Oporto Light in black and the Oporto Lady in white. The short review is this: I was impressed.

But if you’re like a lot of discerning golfers, you could probably use a few more details. Here’s the long version.

First: What is Kankura?

Kankura is a company based in Portugal that designs and manufactures golf shoes (although they also have a couple hats!). They’re all about local craftsmanship. Their products are developed and made in Portugal, using European leathers and sustainable materials like microfiber, cotton, and cork (more on that later).

Packaging and Presentation

When I first opened the packages, one thing was very clear: This company does not mess around.They want you to feel you’ve found the best golf shoes from the moment you open the box. The inside of the box cover features a photo of a beautiful golf course with the tagline “Powered by challenge.” The box contains not only attractive shoes, but a shoe horn, shoe bag, and protective, zip-up case as well. I liked the inclusion of these extra items for a couple reasons.

First, they’re just helpful to have.Second, these bonus accessories signal the quality of the shoes themselves . . . especially the bag and zip-up case. These are not shoes to toss in your trunk at the end of a round. These are shoes you want to take care of, shoes that will serve you well for years to come if you treat them right.

The last thing I’ll say about the packaging is that it made receiving these shoes an inexperience in and of itself. It was fun. It made me feel like I’d gotten something of value.

Of course, the real question is, did I get something of actual value? Are these actually some of the best golf shoes out there? Or is Kankura just great at presentation? Let’s get into that.

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