I MADE ONE PERFECT SWING finally – How to Shoot 80 from 6800 yards like a BAUS

I MADE ONE PERFECT SWING finally – How to Shoot 80 from 6800 yards like a BAUS

Graeme Whale Golf in Port Elizabeth, South Africa:



In this video, I show you what I do at the driving range and also who I follow regarding the swing.

Steve and I played Suwan Golf Course and I shot an 80. My driver is coming along but the need to practice and keep grooving is a big deal.

With a double on 9 and a double on 18 because of indecision on the approach shot, the round was actually much better than the score suggests. Putts continue to not drop even though they came closer to going in than the week before at Rachakram.

HogansBookLied on Instagram:

There is always room for improvement and it seems I need to knuckle down and get some practice in on the following:

1. I need a new 54° because I don’t like the CBX – it’s too forgiving. I want to have something that needs precision.

2. I need to groove that swing on 11 where I pumped the driver like a BAUS – it’s coming along and with practice, confidence comes. We must however, take a feeling from the range so we can replicate what we learn on the range.

3. I must hole more putts. I have been thinking of replacing my putter as I feel a center shafted putter is what I need at the moment just in terms of my eye, mind and putter agreement.
Without replacing the putter, I think the next issue is really just trusting my initial read and not OVER READING putts. I seems to have started doing that. Visualization and focusing is perfect, but when you look at a putt and start FINDING extra break then you’re going to start missing. We often are quite accurate with our initial assumption, but sabotage ourselves.

4. I replaced these irons soon after this round with the Srixon Z585 and the biggest realization is that I was playing around the CLUBS with the Mizunos, but I feel the Srixons play well with my SWING. Tha’t s a huge mindset shift and I am loving it.