How to replace a ball joint on VW Jetta Golf mk4

How to replace a ball joint on VW Jetta Golf mk4

Ball joint replacement on Volkswagen Jetta Golf mk4

In this Video I am showing you how to replace a ball joint on Volkswagen Jetta Golf MK4 (passenger side). That includes all the Jetta and Golf from 1998 right to 2005. I am trying to explain to you what I’m doing to change the ball joint and why I am doing what I’m doing to change the ball joint. This is a great ‘Do It Yourself (DIY)’ tutorial to save money by replacing the ball joint on your own. After changing the ball joint, you have to get a wheel alignment done on your vehicle. Otherwise your tires might wear and you your steering wheel won’t be centered driving down the road.

Torque specifications:

– Ball joint stud to steering knuckle – 33 ft.-lbs

– Ball joint to control arm – 15 ft.-lbs then turn an additional 90 degree

– Stabilizer link to control arm – 33 ft.-lbs

– Wheels – 89 ft.-lbs


– passenger side ball joint –

– driver side ball joint –

Tools that I am using:

– 3/8 swivel ratchet –

– socket set –

– 3/8 impact swivel –

– 3/8 torque wrench –

– 3/8 milwaukee impact gun –

– pry bar –

– ball pein hammer, 16 oz –

– penetrating oil (liquid wrench) –

– rubber disposable gloves –

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