How to Maintain your Sunroof Tips

How to Maintain your Sunroof Tips

Video tutorial on how various maintenance which needs to be covered when owning a sunroof in your vehicle. This tutorial also discusses issues as to why your sunroof could be leaking and what repairs can be done in order to fix the issue. This is a generic tutorial that applies to all vehicles equipped with a sunroof regardless if it’s a glass or metal insert. The main reasons why a sunroof can be leaking is from improper sunroof alignment, worn out sunroof gaskets, or sunroof drains are plugged. This particular tutorial was done on a 1997 BMW 540i.

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Tools/Supplies Needed:
-varies depending on repairs
-clean lint free cloth
-white lithium grease
-soapy water and a clean lint free cloth
-light gauge long length of wire
-air compressor with blow gun tip

-first ensure the sunroof is properly aligned
-most sunroofs will have a mechanical adjustment which will be specific to your vehicle
-some models are also equipped with an alignment synchronizing system which helps center the motor and linkage
-clean existing grease or grim in existing rails using a clean cloth and brakes cleaner or another form of degreaser
-apply white lithium grease to sunroof rails/tracks, use a cloth to keep the spray shielded
-apply lubricant to other moving parts of the sunroof mechanism
-clean the rubber sunroof gaskets to ensure a long life span
-a dealer specific/recommended dressing can be applied to the sunroof gaskets to ensure they do not dry out
-if the gaskets are faulty, then a replacement can be purchased from the dealer, online, or local automotive parts supplier
-clean around the sunroof opening to ensure existing dust does not contaminate newly applies lubricant
-once finished, test the sunroof to ensure it is functioning correction
-sunroofs can also have mechanical parts fail which will need to be replaced

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