How To Increase Your Golf Swing Speed

How To Increase Your Golf Swing Speed

In episode 36 of this 50 week series, Jeff Ritter shares an exercise for increasing your golf swing speed for hitting longer golf shots. For hundreds of FREE videos, audio lesson and more visit today


Everyone wants to hit their golf ball farther! Although it helps to be built for power, anyone can very quickly learn to train themselves into a little more club head speed.

This week’s challenge was presented to me while running my Nike Junior Golf Camps in Pebble Beach. I had hired a good young coach named Jim Waldron to teach on staff and run the fitness component of our program. Jim won the Arizona Long Drive Championship Series in 2014 with a ball of 426 yards. As someone who is built for power, Jim’s club head speed with his driver has been clocked as high as 147 miles per hour!

The continuous whoosh was powerful, crisp and concise as if being executed by the hand of an accomplished swordsman like ‘Zorro’ himself. One morning before camp, I was awakened to the sound of a feverish lashing coming from outside the walls of our camp housing. The continuous “whoosh” was powerful, crisp and concise as if being executed by the hand of an accomplished swordsman like “Zorro” himself. As I walked out to investigate, I saw Jim working on a technique he called “overspeed training.” Just like the exercise demonstrated in the video below, Jim would alternate between max speed swings with a light object and slow, elongated, muscle stretching swings with a heavier weighted club. He would spend 10-15 minutes with the practice, training three-four times per week.

Anything you can do to work towards hitting it harder is worth the effort. I guarantee within your first time trying this exercise you’ll begin to notice and “feel” where speed is lacking and how to start producing it. Go as fast as you can with the light shaft or alignment stick swing, but make sure the long weighted club swings are slow and deliberate as to avoid injury.

Dedicate a few minutes to trying out big Jim’s training routine and you can count this week’s challenge as complete.


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