How to Improve Pace of Play at your Golf Course

How to Improve Pace of Play at your Golf Course

Link to Pace of Play Sheet that you can download free and customize is available on

This video shows how golf professionals can speed up play at their club by monitoring pace of play by time.

Monitoring Pace of Play by time is likely the most significant thing I ever learned to do as a golf professional. Slow play in golf is often seen as one of the contributing factors in players leaving the game or not playing as often.

Golf Professionals who can communicate information effectively and in terms that players can relate to have a much better chance of establishing a pace of play at their facility they can be proud of.

I make Golf Business Tips and Insights Videos to help PGA Golf Professionals start the process of creating their own videos to and promoting themselves online.

By sharing my wins and looses, I hope to educate and inspire my fellow PGA Golf Professionals, PGA Apprentices as well as others to start the process of building your own personal brands and promoting the clubs where they work.

There is an incredible opportunity to Head Golf Professionals and Assistant Golf Professionals not only to reach their members and customers more often, but to use Social Media and the internet to increase their value and circle of influence in the Golf Business.

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