How To Hit The Driver Dead Straight

How To Hit The Driver Dead Straight

Here’s how to hit the driver dead straight!
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I’m going to show you what’s involved with hitting the driver straight, show you how to practice it, and make sure next time you go play, you’ll be able to hit more fairways.

With hitting the driver straight, there’s really two components involved with being able to do that…

The first part is centeredness of contact. So where you hit the ball on the club is going to influence the direction that it goes, meaning if you hit the ball in the middle of the club, more towards the heel, or more towards the toe. So we need to go over that a little bit.

And then, the second part is going to be your face-to-path relationship, meaning the direction you swing the golf club in space. If you swing the club perfectly on plane, more from the inside, more from the outside, that’s something that’s going to influence the direction.

Lastly is your club face angle, which is where your club face very specifically points at the moment of impact.

So, to hit the ball straight, we have a couple of variables. Number one, centeredness of contact, number two, we have swing path or swing direction, and number three, we have club face alignment. Watch the video for all the good stuff 🙂


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