How To Dress Your Age – Age Appropriate Clothes For Men & What To Wear When – Gentleman's Gazette

How To Dress Your Age – Age Appropriate Clothes For Men & What To Wear When – Gentleman's Gazette

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01:35 UNDER 20
04:56 MID 20s
07:55 MID 30s
10:20 MID 40s-65
13:03 65 and UP

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In that age group, most people are extremely casual and sometimes they’re even outright sloppy so if you want to be dressed better than your peers and an age group you really don’t have to do that much to stand out from the crowd. The basic idea for this age group is casual layering.

Definitely, skip the baseball cap, it makes you look immature. Instead, if you want to wear a hat, maybe consider a flat cap in the fall winter season. As layering is very important in your age group, I suggest you go with sweaters because they keep you warm in the winter, they add a little book to your build which easily comes off as muscles, and they keep you warm If you are up for a cardigan, you can even take it off if it’s too hot and that makes it very flexible, casual but well-dressed.

If you’re in a sales position or if you’re in a white-collar profession, you will definitely need a lot more suits than one. If you’re not, I suggest to invest more in combinations. Maybe of a blazer would be a great first garment to start and overall, I suggest you check out our guide on the 10 clothing items that every man should have because that’s the foundation of your wardrobe that will last you a lifetime and you’ll get a lot of wear out of it because it’s very versatile and flexible.

The mid-20s or mid or late thirties
A great wardrobe staple is probably Oxford shirt, especially with a button-down collar. It’s something that you can still wear either casually or combined with a jacket or suit. Polo shirts are nice if you maybe want to play golf or hang out with your children on the weekend but they’re not something you should wear to the office, not even on casual Fridays.

The mid-40s to about 65
Instead of using bolder colors to differentiate your outfit, I suggest to go with different textures and especially subtle patterns. You can go with window panes instead of solids, herringbones not just finer but bigger, maybe a classic Prince of Wales check that is larger in black and white that goes well with your gray hair. These are all things that can really help you develop an outfit that is very age appropriate yet very stylish.

65 and up
If you’re 65 and up, you’re likely retired or you’re looking forward to retirement. You either spend your days on a golf course or hang out with friends playing cards, working at the woodshop, and at that stage of your life, the degree of formality goes down. Now is the time to add sweaters back into your wardrobe, maybe skip the blazer unless you really like to dress up, however, one thing I notice a lot is that men change their physique yet the Wardrobe remains the same and it sometimes makes them look quite dated.
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