Golf Terminology Explained! (Flat Top, Fat, Thin, Shank, Sky)

Golf Terminology Explained! (Flat Top, Fat, Thin, Shank, Sky)

Today we talk about some golf terminology that you may have heard around the golf course or on the range and explain what it means!

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PGA Professionals Jack Cole and Matthew Mahoney started the school of golf in early 2015, with the sole aim of trying to produce as many avid golfers as possible.

Initially they did this by going into local primary/ secondary schools coaching juniors’ tri golf, using plastic clubs and foam balls. This grew significantly and TSOG now teaches in 20+ schools in Essex, particularly in Chelmsford and its surrounding areas. More recently, they have branched out to schools in Southend and the wider Essex community, which has enabled TSOG to coach around 750 school children a year.

TSOG use the schools coaching as a way to introduce juniors to golf and offer those eager students the opportunity to continue developing their golf at one of the external venues with various coaching programmes. The School of Golf has developed an 8 level coaching programme from which juniors progress and develop their skills earning different coloured hats denoting what level they are working on. Level 1 juniors start out in the kids club and as they progress they move through different groups into the development programme and then the academy for older students. This allows the company to reach out to a wide range of ages usually from 4-16.

In the last 18 months the company has acquired a new venue (The Notleys Golf Club) from which new professionals have joined the team to help grow and develop the TSOG brand.

The School of Golf is not only junior focused. It also delivers successful weekly ladies and beginners classes, runs specific lessons to work on certain areas of your game, and provides many individual lessons to regular and new clients.