Golf | 5 Must Do Simple Principles For Every Golf Shot You Hit

Golf | 5 Must Do Simple Principles For Every Golf Shot You Hit

Simple golf principles for better scores.
5 Must Do’s For Every Golf Shot with Alex Fortey from The Art of Simple Golf.

This golf lesson is about the very simple principles you must use on every single golf shot from the pitching wedge to the driver.

If you use this process I am certain the results in the shot will be better than ever.

You see too many golfers minds are all over the shop and focus is not existent on the target. This is important because you need to tell your brain to tell your body what you are trying to acclomplish on that golf shot.

So the 5 must do simple golf principles for every golf shot are;

1 – Take Dead Aim. What I mean by taking dead aim is refining and narrowing your focus and objective target.

So instead of saying or thing you want to hit the fairway, you want to hit a dark patch on the right side of the fairway 250 yards carry away.

Instead of wanting and sometimes praying the hit the green, if you think about a branch on a tree that is in line with the left side of the green and you hone in on that branch…

If you if you do this and you miss your target by 10% you will still be very close to, or if not still on the green.

2 – Pick an Intermediate point from your dead aim target that is about.
With that point, draw a line back towards you ball and pick an exact spot a foot in front of your ball. This can be a leaf, dark blade of grass, anything to give you the precise direction.
4) Set up to the ball with the feel and lines that match to the intermediate point so everything about the set up are giving you the bast chance to execute the intended shot.

5) Now as you swing, keep the feel and checkpoints in relation to the intermediate point. And release over it with confidence.Choose something that is 1-2 feet in front of the ball. This can be a leaf, twig, darker patch of grass, divot. It matter not, but it does matter that you get this right as the rest of the process is linked to this.

3 – Match swing, set up, posture to the picture and the intermediate point
4 – Feel like the entire swing is responding and matching the objective and picture

5 – Smooth Tempo and balance. finish with a picture perfect balance and breath with a strain free tempo when you swing.

The golf swing as you have been led to believe is a very complicate endeavor that requires a science degree and thousands of hours practice to execute efficiently. You have been bamboozled. This golf lesson is just more proof that there is a better way.

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