Essex Coroner’s Service MI6 MI5 MURDER RIDDLE – HAMPSTEAD GOLF CLUB – HM Ministry of Defence

Essex Coroner’s Service MI6 MI5 MURDER RIDDLE – HAMPSTEAD GOLF CLUB – HM Ministry of Defence


The Carroll Foundation Trust and parallel Gerald 6th Duke of Sutherland Trust multi-billion dollar corporate identity theft bank fraud bribery case which is encircling the David Cameron family tax haven based Blairmore Holdings Inc interests has disclosed that the Royal Courts of Justice Admiralty Marshal and the British Ships Registry Guernsey are understood to be seriously implicated in this case of international importance.

Sources have confirmed that the explosive FBI Scotland Yard criminal “standard of proof” prosecution files contain a compelling evidential paper trail which surrounds the complete seizure and theft of the entire fixed assets of the Carroll Marine Global Corporation Trust which are thought to have a value today in excess of a bewildering one hundred and seventy five million dollars.

Further sources have revealed that the dossiers contain forensic specimen exhibits of forged and falsified British Ships Registry transfer ownership documentation which is “directly linked” to the fraudulent incorporation of HSBC International Gibraltar Cyprus Jersey offshore accounts Barclays International Bahamas Cayman Islands offshore accounts and Queen’s bankers Coutts & Co accounts that effectively impulsed this massive bank fraud heist operation spanning three continents.

The Admiralty Court leaked sources have confirmed that the files contain forensic images of the Carroll Marine Global Corporation Trust seized and stolen fixed assets which are “centered around” two Riva power boats named Carrollina G I and Carrollina G II. This source also said that Gerald Carroll’s mega yacht Carrollina GIII is thought to have been deliberately “scuttled” by the HSBC International crime syndicate whilst one of the tenders for the yacht Carrollina G II has been seen quite recently harboured in Mallorca Spain.

Scotland Yard leaked sources have disclosed that the prosecution files have explicitly “named” the City of London law firm Slaughter & May former partner Lucy Wylde as Gerald Carroll’s personal legal advisor and consequently is universally regarded as a “central actor” in the co-ordinated break-up and fraudulent liquidation of major operating divisions of the Carroll Global Corporation Trust industrial empire.

In a stunning twist Lucy Wylde until quite recently was based at HM Treasury in the capacity as General Counsel reporting to the First Treasury Counsel Sir James Eadie QC during what is known to have been yet another bungled attempt to shield herself from criminal prosecution in this case which stretches the globe.

The Carroll Foundation Trust files are held within a complete lockdown at the FBI Washington DC field office and the Metropolitan Police Service Scotland Yard London under the supervision of the Commissioner Cressida Dick QPM who is known to have an intimate knowledge of this major public interest case.

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