DIY: Volkswagen MKIV TDI PD BEW Anti Shudder Valve Removal

DIY: Volkswagen MKIV TDI PD BEW Anti Shudder Valve Removal

Video tutorial on how to remove the anti shudder valve (asv) on a VW Golf, Jetta, Bora, MK4 TDI PD BEW engine. Some other models that came equipped with a PD100 included some Skoda models, Audi models, and VW Passat. After a while of operation, the anti shudder valve does build up with dirt and debris which does need to be cleaned. Anti shudder valves can also malfunction over time either getting stuck open or closed, therefore not allowing the engine to start. The original function of the unit shudder valve is to prevent a “run-away diesel” and to allow for quieter engine shutdowns. This particular tutorial was done on a 2004 Volkswagen Golf TDI.

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Tools/Supplies Needed:
-interlocking pliers
-allen wrench

-first remove the engine cover by pulling straight up on the two front corners, once it’s release pull straight towards you
-next remove the boost hose from the plastic tube and then from the anti shudder valve
-remove the clamp on the plastic tube side using the interlocking pliers by squishing the tabs and moving it off the rubber hose
-pull straight out of the anti shudder valve, ensure that you disengage the snap ring
-remove the three allen head bolts, two are visible on top and the other is hidden underneath of the unit
-remove the anti shudder valve from the intake
-disconnect the electrical connector from the anti shudder valve motor unit, there is a tab on the side that needs to be pulled back to disengage it from the clip
-all allen head bolts are the same length
-when reinstalling, ensure the mounting faces are clean
-installation in reverse

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