Classic WoW – Getting Gold While Leveling.

Classic WoW – Getting Gold While Leveling.

Classic WoW – Getting Gold While Leveling.

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Hi Guys, Frost here. Welcome to a new installment from the series “how to get gold at low levels in classic wow”. Now, I’ve already made a couple of similar videos on the channel and more to come in the future because having gold in classic wow it will just make you progress smoother and your life easier. Most of the characters I’ve leveled in vanilla got me almost half way into buying the epic mount by the time I’ve reached 60. The purpose of the videos is to get you on the same level, reaching 60 and having alot of gold to spare.

Today we’re going to take a look at another 3 grinding spots that can make you decent gold and experience between levels 30 – 45.

The first location im going to show you is in the jungle.
Now you might think “really, stranglethorn grind?! No way.” But hear me out. This is not necessarily a grind spot as it is a piece of information, a little bit of knowledge that can make you some extra gold while leveling your main or an alt.
The mobs we’re after are the venture co shredders located in the heart on stranglethorn with 3 spawn points and an interesting loot table.
The item they’re dropping is the Fused Wiring used in a variety of engineering recipes such as: Field repair bot, Gnomish cloacking device, Goblin jumper cables, mechanical dragonkin and so on. The drop chance is estimated to be around 6% and due to the fact that there only 3 spawn points and this is the only somehow efficent place to get it… the price of it on the auction house is anywhere between 5 and 10 golds, sometimes even more.. you know.. supply and demand…..

The second location for today is in Swamp of Sorrows.This is one of my favourite grind spots in vanilla. Killing Dreaming whelps, adolescent Whelps and the ocasional jaguar. If you watched my previous video “The crimson whelp grind” You’ll understand why this spot is so good.
There are 5 Dreaming whelps and 7 adolescent whelps spawns, They drop the small flame sack which sells for a decent amount at auction house or can be used to make fire protection potions. The sacks have around 10% chance to drop and it’s one of the main reasons you want to grind here. On top of this you’ll get lots of grey items, green and blues with a higher chance than your average mob. If you are not aware yet, dragonkins have the best loot table in the game while having less HP and armor… making them easier to kill, assuming you’re not fighting elites…

The third location and the last is in the Badlands. And another Whelpling spot, this time in the north-eastern part of badlands. Home to the Scalding Whelp with levels between 41 and 43, hp between 1500 and 1700 hundred and around 1800 armor.. which makes it one of the most balanced spots to grind for exp and gold.
Skinning is pretty much required here to get the most out of this spot. During the 2 levels I grinded here made around 150 gold not counting the epic drop Ardent custodian.
Most of the gold came from selling heavy and thick leather, small flame sacks, the grey items and lots of greens including plate items that sell pretty decent on the auction house…

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