Chipping With a Hybrid – Is it a Good Idea?

Chipping With a Hybrid – Is it a Good Idea?

When it comes to chipping with a hybrid golf club, is this a good idea to do? Let’s discuss this!

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Should you be chipping the golf ball with a hybrid club? Interesting question and if you watch enough golf on the TV, you’ll understand that yes some of the world’s best players do chip the ball with a hybrid club. But if we investigate why, we realize that it’s fairly sensible answer when it’s a shot that maybe a few more golfers should be taking on. There’s this school of thought that says whenever you’re near the green you should always use a wedge or lofting club, you should hit it high and back spin it. But it simply doesn’t stack up. The odds are that occasionally when you made your bad swing, hitting the lob wedge of the sand wedge would knife the ball through the green it would roll away to far. So if we could work on the principle that when it’s safe to do so, keep the ball down and keep the ball rolling is safer when you’re chipping and pitching. So a hybrid club is a great useful tool to hit the ball low and roll it on to the green. And we can particularly play this shot in a really nice way it’s almost like an adapted putting stroke.

So I’ve got my Thomas golf five hybrids here, I’m going to stand to the golf ball nicely. I’m not going to stand like I’m hitting a normal hybrid shot I simply don’t need the power, I’ve just got a little ten yarder needs to jump over a yard of fringe and roll upon to the green. So I stand with my feet nice and close together. I have the ball nicely in the centre of my stance and I grip down at the base of the golf club. That makes the club feel shorter. Now because I’m gripping down on the golf club I’m actually going to get a little bit nearer to it as well. And you’ll appreciate how the club or my stands up the lie angle of the golf club here is much more vertical not so flat like a normal shot I’ve stood it up a little bit. And that now looks a bit reminisce into the putter. And my grip could adapt a little bit so I might go to an over lapping putting grip my normal putting grip. I might get nearer to the golf ball; have my hands quite high I know have a rocking back and through action.

So I’m not making an around and releasing action like a proper gold shot, I’m standing quite tall to it just nudging it back and through and if I hit one down the camera lines here you’ll see how it was very much a putting stance and a putting stroke and I just get the ball just jumping forwards and running out. Now that was such a good shot I actually hit the tripod the camera was standing on so I apologize if the camera moves there. You’ll see this from the front on view. I grip down I stand now with my fingers point down the shaft and I make my little putting stroke back and through just nudging it forwards. Now it takes a little bit of practice on the practice green to understand how that ball rolls and reacts. You can’t really do that on the driving range because when you land the ball on the longer grass, you don’t really see how it reacts. So try and find some space on the side of a chipping green or a putting green and just think about carrying the ball with a putting stroke with a hybrid club one yard over the fringe and then releasing down onto the green. So practice chipping with your hybrid clubs from around the green and with a putting stroke and see if that helps you get the ball up and down more regularly.