Avoid Golfing Fails with 5 Easy Golf Hacks

Avoid Golfing Fails with 5 Easy Golf Hacks

From novice to professional, all golfers are at risk of embarrassing themselves on the course.

Most if not all golfing fails are easily avoidable by sticking to proven fundamentals and adjusting your golf game for conditions at hand.

We’ve compiled 5 easy golf hacks that anyone picking up a club should learn and know like the back of their hand.

Learn how to use golf shaft lean in pinch situations outside of the green.

Foreign to many amateur golfers, the golf shaft lean adds an element to your golf game that improves performance of the full swing while chipping or putting the ball.

Shaft lean refers to angling the shaft of the golf club at the time of impact. There are both forward shaft leans and backward shaft leans, as demonstrated in this video.

A custom drill for improved consistency in hitting irons also provides golfers with tips for zoning in on the target.

This iron play drill offers players step by step guidance in the art of hitting irons pure consistently, always landing in the range of the intended target.

More putting tips are explored in detail through the 5 5 12 drill.

This effective golf exercise involves place 3 balls at the distances of 5 feet 5 feet and 12 feet from different angles around the green.

The 5 5 12 exercise gives golfers an increased chance of hitting birdie and remaining at or below par.

Responsible for the majority of all golfing fails, the treacherous sand trap haunts the dreams of golfers around the world.

We offer a great tip for chipping and hitting your way out of the sand trap and saving face in an otherwise very embarrassing situation.

Another important golfing tip involves aligning the spine squarely and squaring the face in an arm extension, turning exercise.

Whether it be an improved backswing, putting expertise, striking irons pure, or the perfect put – our tips will keep any player confident on the golf course and lead to many rounds of comfortable, productive, enjoyable golfing.

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