26 HCP WOMAN GOLFER | Putting | JollyGolf Teaching Aid

26 HCP WOMAN GOLFER | Putting | JollyGolf Teaching Aid

JollyGolf teaching-aid and no more boring practice.

About JollyGolf:

You can learn a simple and smart way to practice golf.
JollyGolf, innovative and versatile teaching-aid which allow you to practice all stages of the game.
JollyGolf leads to perform a more linear swing, achieve rhythmics, hit the ball solid and acquire precision.

We strongly believe that it can become a personal assistant to all golf-players wishing to improve and simplify their swing and enjoy great results on the golf course.

In this video, you can an average woman golfer putting with JollyGolf Teaching-aid.

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Years of research on the golf swing, the achievement of an up-to-date and easy swing paved the way to the manufacturing of this tool.

Practising with JollyGolf gives the proper guidelines.
It entails getting a more fluid and rhythmical swing, obtaining the ideal rotation and angles so as to keep the club square with the utmost precision at impact with the ball.
The geometry of JollyGolf greatly limits the use of wrists, the use of which often leads to mistakes difficult to erase.
JollyGolf empowers you to work with your hips and shoulders, which enables an easier, more efficient and more repetitive swing.

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