2020 Veterans for Vets – Feature Card – R1F9 (Clark, Bell, Scarborough, Scarborough)

2020 Veterans for Vets – Feature Card – R1F9 (Clark, Bell, Scarborough, Scarborough)

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It may be January in the Mid-West, but us here in Michigan are just crazy enough to keep all the good times rolling. This is our first tournament coverage for 2020 at the Veterans for Vets pretended by MDGE and Dynamic Discs. We are so excited to present to you our first round card that shows the diversity of the supporting community of veterans and disc golf. We have the young and old, women and men all represented in this card out here in support of this great event. US and World Junior Champion Kaidin Bell looks to start the year off right with this fun card, and Scarboroughs look to claim bragging rights over the course of the day. Good luck to everyone and lets have a great first tournament of the year.

A New Announcement!!! Crew 42 got a local sponsorship with one of our great clubs that has given us access to a new drone!!! We will finally be able to start advancing our videos and hole overviews with this new tech. It will also allow us to start doing new things we were limited from earlier. Can’t wait to get better with it, sorry for some of the shaky hole overviews from time to time. There is a learning curve but are excited to keep getting better.

DISCLAIMER! While we strive to produce the best quality videos possible, we are still an amateur group and have limited resources at our disposal to record, produce and edit the videos and audio we put into each video. You may notice small changes in the audio or a shot hasn’t been recorded awkwardly and we appreciate your understanding that we are producing these the best we can as of right now, and will improve and get better as time moves on, your support to the channel means the world to us. HAPPY DISCING!!!

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